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Skeeter at the Beach

17th Mar 2016, 6:00 AM
Skeeter at the Beach
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Author Notes:

Manny 17th Mar 2016, 6:00 AM
I had planned on uploading this last week, but Zalgo came crashing and invaded my computer (You do remember that, yes?) So, here's the correct comic.

And now I can finally get on with my announcement: I'm creating a spin-off of Skeeter! Yes, you heard me right -- I'm currently at work on a spin-off of Skeeter titled Adventures of Henry the Mole.

What's it about?
In this comic, Henry is feeling bored living in the same town as Skeeter and friends, so he sets out on an adventure. On his way to an unknown destination, his boat capsizes during a massive storm and he washes up in a port town run by a less-than-competent mayor. Henry gets to know his surroundings and the people who live there as he decides that his new city could use some improvements. Along the way, he discovers things about himself that he never knew...

It's gonna be a while until I actually upload the first page of Henry the Mole. Unlike Skeeter!, this spin-off is being drawn on a different program, which I am still getting used to. Hopefully, though, I can become used to it enough to draw as many pages at once, though I am looking for other illustrators as well. This website will also be recieving an overhaul in the coming weeks, so keep you eye out!

Until then, enjoy this page of Skeeter!