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The Visitor, part 6

21st May 2012, 8:22 PM
The Visitor, part 6
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Author Notes:

Manny 21st May 2012, 8:22 PM
The current story arc started with #21, "The Visitor".

It's Slim Jim's (not so) grand debut! Slim Jim is what you call your average bully -- leather jacket, slick hair, ugly face, you name it!! He has a horrible middle name, and so he only calls himself Slim Jim... others call him J.J.

By the way, here's the text for those who can't read it:

Brain: Who's that?
Skeeter: That's the vilest thing alive...

Brain: Aw, he's so cute! How can he be vile?

Skeeter: No, I don't mean him!
Brain: ?

"Slim" Jim Thornton
Skeeter: HIM!
Jim: Heheheh... Nice to meet you, Skeeter.